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Things to Consider with a Fire Proof Safe

Homeowners frequently purchase a “ fire proof “ safe to protect their possessions and memories in the event of a fire.

However it pays to read the fine print for what defines “fire proof”

Things-to-consider-with-a-Fire-Proof-SafeFire Proof Safes typically are not rated to protect photographs and digital media such as a hard drive.  See the list below for examples of digital media.

Data and media include the following materials:

  • Hard Drives , Regular & Portable
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Old Negatives & Photographs
  • Thumb Drives/Flash Drives
  • Cassette Tapes – audio, VCR, camcorder i.e. old family movies
  • USB Storage thumb drives
  • Micro SD cards

Things to consider when purchasing a safe:

  1. The amount of time and temp a safe is rated to withstand.
  2. Is the safe rated to protect digital media?
  3. Is the safe waterproof? A waterproof safe protects against the water that the fire department uses, however, it may not provide water protection in the case of a flooded basement.
  4. Fire proof doesn’t = burglar proof, check the security features of the safe you are considering.

Fires are bad enough don’t let them destroy your critical documents and cherished memories.

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