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ServiceMaster Professional Services Helped Provide Flood Damage Relief in Houston, TX

In April 2016, Houston, TX and the surrounding area experienced substantial flooding that caused damage to many homes and businesses.  The flooding affected over 1000 homes and resulted in over $5 billion in damage.  For mini-catastrophes such as the Houston flooding, ServiceMasters all over the U.S. are ready to respond and dispatch a team of highly trained technicians to help those who have experienced damage to their homes or businesses.  ServiceMaster Professional Services (SVMPS) responded to the Houston flooding by dispatching a team of our own technicians to help out with the flood cleanup.

ServiceMaster-Provides-Flood-Damage-Relief-for-Houston-TXWhile in Houston, our team did a phenomenal job working with both the customers and adjusters to ensure that homes and businesses were effectively restored from the flood damage, and that the damage was covered by insurance.  Our number one goal in Houston was to help out property owners any way we could to restore some peace of mind following the disaster while not worrying as much about our financial bottom line.  There were many occasions when neighbors approached our crew for help because they had nowhere else to turn.  We were willing to help in any way possible, including providing sound advice to help reassure them that their homes were safe for their families.

The technicians of SVMPS showed extreme dedication while providing flood damage restoration in Houston.  Many of our technicians put in a string of 12-16 hour days and had to be called off the job to ensure that they get some rest.  This shows a keen understanding of why we were in Houston and cars_going_through_flood_water_in_texasa commitment to our basic principles of handling each project with care, compassion, and empathy for the property owner.

In Houston, we teamed up with technicians from three other ServiceMaster franchises and went door to door to make sure that everyone was OK and did not need professional assistance.  Our technicians showed incredible flexibility through an adverse situation as we tried to plan out and manage the flood damage restoration the best we could.

At SVMPS, we are proud to be part of ServiceMaster’s catastrophic response network and help out for mini-catastrophes anywhere in the U.S.  If your home or business sustains damage from a flood in the Minneapolis area, call SVMPS right away at (800) 245-4622 for flood and water damage restoration.

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