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Hoarding Cleaning Services for Marshall, MN

As more is being learned about hoarding disorder, the treatment and restoration services for those that struggle with hoarding issues continues to improve. The symptoms of hoarding are now understood as symptoms of a more complex anxiety disorder and professionals that provide hoarding cleaning services are changing their approach to earn the trust of the affected individual and involve him or her in the restoration process. It is important to reach out to hoarders because hoarding behaviors can result in hazardous living conditions such as partial access through the home, increased fire risk, and mold or bacteria growth which causes negative health effects. ServiceMaster Professional Services provides hoarding cleaning services to help clean and restore homes of those that suffer from hoarding in Marshall, MN.

We take a realistic, honest, and compassionate approach to each hoarding cleaning project because based on our experience, this type of approach has a higher chance of success. People that struggle with hoarding issues tend to be embarrassed about their problem which is why it usually takes a friend or family member to intervene and start the cleaning process on their behalf. We first establish a feeling of mutual trust and respect with the individual to help them understand that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Those that struggle with hoarding collect all types of items such as food containers, newspapers, paper products, and anything else as they develop an inability to throw things away. This collection of hoarded items can grow to block off areas of the home and create unsanitary living conditions by harboring mold, bacteria, and other growth.

Hoarding Cleaning in Marshall, MN

The technicians of ServiceMaster Professional Services are trained and equipped to handle the most extreme cases of hoarding with the best cleaning equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) of the industry. Each of our technicians is licensed, bonded, and insured to provide effective hoarding cleaning services in compliance with the rules and regulations of the EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation. We take the following 3-phase approach to every hoarding cleaning project:

  • Phase 1: We establish a personal connection with the individual to earn their trust and respect before any cleaning begins.
  • Phase 2: We create a cleaning plan with the help of the affected individual and stick with this plan throughout the process.
  • Phase 3: We will follow up with the individual after the restoration is complete to ensure that they are maintaining their home and we will provide further assistance if necessary.

The cleaning phase, or Phase 2, of our hoarding cleaning process includes:

  • Saving valuable items such as jewelry, money, and others
  • Removing unwanted or unnecessary objects
  • Deciding which items will be donated, recycled, or discarded
  • Distributing saved valuables to friends and family members
  • Handling of paperwork from government agencies and lawyers
  • Disinfection and deodorization of the home after the hoarded items are removed

If you know someone who struggles with hoarding, try reaching out to them before they create dangerous living conditions in their home. ServiceMaster Professional Services can help hoarders in Marshall, MN clean up and restore their homes by taking a compassionate and respectful approach. You can reach us 24 hours a day at (320) 252-4622 to learn more about our hoarding cleaning services.

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