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Power Washing Service

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Serving 32 counties of Minnesota in East Central, Northwoods, South Central, Southwest Minnesota and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & Saint Paul

ServiceMaster Professional Services now offers commercial power washing.  This is an excellent choice for business owners with a single or even multiple single story buildings.  Our power washing procedures and high quality equipment branded and backed by ServiceMaster Clean ensures a thorough washing to make sure your building is looking its best on the outside as good as it does on the inside. Before and after the job is complete we do a thorough inspection to meet your expectations that you have come to know and trust are met.

Why would you need Power Washing?

Power washing is also a great service for interior floors especially high traffic surfaces in warehouses, mechanic shops, heavy equipment storage facilities, treatment facilities and more. When dirt and grime build up over a period of time, it can begin to erode your surfaces, get into your equipment and deplete the life cycle of your investments, which could lead to replacement and loss of time and money. Power Washing Services MinneapolisHigh pressure washing ensures a safe and great way to get out those tough caked in dirt and oils off your surfaces to clean working conditions.  Knowing that we care about your business as much as you do, you can depend that our team will do it right each and every time. ServiceMaster Professional Services wants the opportunity to show you what we can do. Contact us for more information and to schedule your appointment.

What about scrubbing our floors?

If that isn’t enough, auto-scrubbing your warehouse floors is a perfect alternative to power washing.  Our fully equipped team, using specialized scrubbing system also branded by ServiceMaster ensures the cleanliness of your floors from sand, grit and grime buildup with quick dry times, enabling less downtime for your business so that you can stay ahead of schedule.  We offer day and night appointments, with availability seven days a week.  We know the importance of keeping your business going and we do our best to accommodate to fit the needs of our schedule.

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