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What You Can Expect from Fire Damage Restoration Services

What You Can Expect from Fire Damage Restoration Services

In the aftermath of a structure fire, property owners are left with a pervasive mess of soot and smoke. While the fire is extinguished, a slew of goods is charred, from the walls to flooring to furniture. The last step in recovering from a devastating fire is entrusting the scorched property to a reputable fire damage restoration service.

Quality restorers are experienced in returning a property ravaged by fire to its pre-loss condition. Families or business owners give their trust to the restoration service to salvage valuables and all that is left of the burned home or commercial property.

Given the weighty responsibility of restoration, property owners should carefully select a qualified, professional service to handle the task. Fly-by-night companies pop up when a widespread devastation, such as wild fires, occurs. Vulnerable property owners scramble for the cheapest restorer.

Hiring an unscrupulous fire damage restoration service leaves the home or business owner with additional costly problems. Workmanship by fire chasers is likely to be shoddy. Reputable restorers, however, are licensed, insured and recommended by the property owner’s insurance company.

Step 1: Assessment

Fire Damage Restoration in Minneapolis, MN

Experts arrive onsite to determine the extent of fire, soot and smoke damage, which guides them in the formulation of a viable restoration plan.

Once a licensed restoration service is contracted, the restoration begins. An initial assessment of the burned property starts off the restoration process. Experts arrive onsite to determine the extent of fire, soot and smoke damage, which guides them in the formulation of a viable restoration plan.

Fire damage restoration technicians look for how deep the flames burned within structural elements. Minute soot particles travel far, even into places the fire failed to reach. Specialists will evaluate all surfaces for soot. Technicians also look for heat damage to furniture and household fixtures.

Step 2: Damage Control

The windows, roofing and walls are structurally weakened when a fiery blaze erupts. These compromised building features allow further damage. Adverse weather, like rain and wind, infiltrates and causes additional ruin. Plus, thieves see an open invitation when windows are broken.

To prevent additional damage to a singed building, professional fire damage restorers work quickly to board up the property’s windows and doors and place protective tarp along the roof. Water damage and accompanying mold problems are effectively circumvented by restoration pros.

Step 3: Water Extraction

A property that has been devastated by water damage will be dried by fire damage restoration experts prior to starting cleanup. Skilled professionals pump out excess water. In order to thoroughly dry the premises, powerful dehumidifiers and air movers are positioned in moisture-logged rooms.

Step 4: Deep Cleaning

A sticky byproduct of fire, soot can penetrate deeply into any surface it touches. The damaging result of soot can be permanent if not stopped in its tracks. Fire damage restorers rid a structure and its contents of smoke and soot through scrubbing, sanding and refinishing procedures.

Furniture and carpeting may be largely covered in smoke and soot. Restoration pros dislodge the soot particles from carpet fibers. When carpets and furniture are extensively damaged, technicians working on site may recommend replacement rather than cleaning as a cost-effective measure.

Critical to the cleaning process is sanitizing the home or business. Sanitization is an important step in returning the home or business to a habitable condition. Breathing clean air that is free from smoke particles is essential to sustaining the health of human and pet life.

Odor removal is also an important part of the fire damage restoration process. Noxious ashes from the fire can pollute the air, leaving behind foul smells. Expert restorers haul in industrial strength equipment, like air scrubbers and fogging machines, to neutralize the odors.

Step 5: Repairs

Fire destroys everything large and small in its wake. Family heirlooms and other irreplaceable possessions are hardly safe when surrounded by blazing flames. Fire damage restoration experts will go to great lengths to carefully restore sentimental goods to the maximum extent possible.

Additionally, typical repairs performed by fire damage restoration specialists include replacing all damaged drywall and painting affected walls. When fire causes the paint on the walls to bubble or blister, restoration technicians carefully scrape the walls and subsequently repaint them.

Finished wood products destroyed by fire have a higher chance of being successfully and fully restored in comparison to unfinished wood items. A sealant may be applied over unfinished wood, but this method traps foul smoke odors. Finished wood is stripped and sanded, removing all traces of odors.

Step 6: Renovations

Plenty of fire damage restoration companies also offer renovation services. Surviving the trauma of fire is a garish experience. When the chance to start anew arrives, it makes sense to demolish what is ruined and start again. Restorers can transform a charred environment into a breathtakingly fresh one.

Fire damage restorers who include renovations as part of their comprehensive service offerings understand how to best obtain value from the restoration project. Entire rooms burned by fire can be successfully rebuilt. The double advantage of renovations is that the memory of the fire is erased.

Home and business owners can expect all of the above fire damage restoration services and more from Minnesota’s most trusted restorer, ServiceMaster Professional Services (SVMPS). Our company has dependably served the Minneapolis, MN community of residents and businesses for many years.

Experienced fire damage restoration technicians quickly arrive to your devastated property to conduct an assessment. We’ll work rapidly to control the spread of damage. Given our extensive experience, we are able to make quick judgments about what items may be salvaged and what are best discarded. We’ll restore any items that can be saved.

Using advanced technology, like ozone treatments and fogging equipment, SVMPS specialists remove all traces of hard-to-eliminate odors that result from the fire. To return the home to its pre-loss state, our skilled technicians provide comprehensive reconstruction services to both the interior and exterior parts of the building. We seamlessly reconstruct the property so that elements are consistent with existing architectural design.

Austin community members and business owners place full trust in the Master Fire Restorers and general contractors at SVMPS. When a fire devastates your home or commercial property, consult the fastest and most experienced in fire damage cleanup.

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