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February 2014

Cabin Fever  

by Patrick Winter, Agent Marketing Representative

Patrick Winter Marketing Specialist

Cabin covered in snow

It truly has been a long winter. It seems like it has been months since I have been able to be outside for more than three minutes without freezing. Another reason why we keep asking ourselves “why do we live in Minnesota?” I now know why bears like to hibernate in the winter. It has just been too cold to enjoy the normal activities that we like to do here: ice fishing, skiing, skating, snowmobiling, and going for a walk. Hopefully this will change soon.

For those of us that have children, it is just another excuse for them to stay inside and play video games or watch NETFLIX. Not that many of them actually need the excuse. I know when I was young, it was probably this cold too, but we bundled up and went out to play. Times have changed, but it is hard to blame the children today because I don’t want to be out in the elements lately either.

I have a major case of cabin fever! I am looking forward to the next few weeks when the temperature is 30-40 degrees. I want to get out and skate or ski or just take the dog for a nice long walk without freezing. It will be a good time to see the neighbors again too. I haven’t seen many of them for months. For those of you like me with cabin fever, get out and enjoy some fresh air. We “Minnesotans” deserve it, after what we have been through!

 Ice Dams, Icicles and Snow, Oh my!!

by Fred McGuire, Agent Marketing Representative

Fred McGuire Marketing Specialist

Anyone who has lived in a snowy climate has seen ice dams. Thick bands of ice form along the eaves of houses, causing lots of dollars in structural damage every year. Water-stained ceilings, dislodged roof shingles, sagging gutters, peeling paint, and damaged plaster—all are the familiar results of ice dams. There are many ways to treat the symptoms, but proper air sealing, insulation, and attic venting are the best way to eliminate the problem.

Ice dam graphic

Ice dams form along the roof’s edge, usually above the overhang. Here’s why. Heat and warm air leaking from the living space below melt the snow, which trickles down to the colder edge of the roof (above the eaves) and refreezes. See the diagram on how this happens.

Some Ice Dam Solutions for you

Stopping Ice Dams (insights from a home builder)

Ice Melt Socks (these are a cheap idea that just might work)

From “This Old House”,,211604,00.html

A Product for Your Home

If you have water damage from ice dams on your home, call ServiceMaster at (800) 245-4622.  We have dried hundreds of homes from water caused by ice dams.

 Celebrate the Child in You

by Harvey MacKay

Harvey MacKayKids get excited about life in general.  They see everything with fresh eyes, knowing they will find something new and different every time they look.  Adults, on the other hand, look for things they know and expect.  Imagine what we grownups are missing!
My friend, the late Jim Rohn, was a master speaker and motivator.  He encouraged folks to “practice being like a child.”  Jim said there are four ways to be more like a child, no matter how old you are.
First, he suggests that we become curious.  “Learn to be curious like a child …  Kids can ask a million questions.  You think they’re through.  They’ve got another million …  Kids use their curiosity to learn.  Have you ever noticed that while adults are stepping on ants, children are studying them?  A child’s curiosity is what helps them to reach, learn and grow,” he said. Truer words were never spoken.  Have you ever heard a little kid look at a challenge and say “but we’ve always done it this way?”  Of course not.  They let their imaginations run wild and aren’t afraid to try unconventional ideas.
Jim next recommended that we “learn to get excited like a child … so excited you hate to go to bed at night.  Can’t wait to get up in the morning.  So excited that you’re about to explode.”  Then he takes it a step further:  “If you’re too old to get excited, you’re too old.”
Faith is Jim’s third childlike quality.  Faith is childish, he said.  “Adults too often have a tendency to be overly skeptical.  Some adults even have a tendency to be cynical.”  He said that adults need proof that something is good before they will believe it.  Kids aren’t that way, according to Jim.
Finally, Jim cited trust as a childish virtue that many adults have forgotten.  “Have you heard the term ‘sleep like a baby?’  That’s it.  Childish trust.  After you have gotten an A+ for the day, leave it in somebody else’s hands,” he said.  Trust is in short supply in the business world.  Can you trust that your customers will pay for their orders?  Can you trust your vendors to come through on time?  Can you trust your employees to show up ready to work every day?  Those are big questions that any responsible manager must be able to answer, yet we know deep down that most people want to do what’s right.  They will do what they have to do in order to stay in business. I’m not suggesting for a moment that we all become gullible and naïve.  But I am encouraging adults to take a closer look at their world and take in the details that they have been missing.
“Curiosity, excitement, faith and trust,” Jim Rohn said.  “What a powerful combination to bring back into our lives.”

Mackay’s Moral: Grow up and think like a kid again.

Jokes for the day

 What Do You See? 

grand canyon courtesy of boomsbeat.comThree people were visiting the Grand Canyon: a painter, a
preacher, and a cowboy. Looking over the massive canyon,
each one verbalized his observation:

“Incredible!” the painter said. “I’d love to paint a picture
of this!”

The preacher waved his arms and cried, “Glory! Look what God
has done!”

The cowboy exclaimed, “I’d sure hate to lose a cow down


Doctor’s Strike 

doctor photo by: AlamyDoctors at a hospital in Brooklyn, New York have gone on
strike. Hospital officials say they will find out what the
doctors’ demands are as soon as they can get a pharmacist
over there to read the picket signs!



The Painter 

painter photo courtesy of colortopiaThe homeowner was delighted with the way the painter had
done all the work on his house. “You did a great job,” he
said as he handed the man a check. “Also, in order to thank
you, here’s an extra $80 to take the missus out to dinner
and a movie.”

Later that night, the doorbell rang and it was the painter.
Thinking the man had forgotten something, he asked, “What’s
the matter? Did you forget something?”

“Nope,” replied the painter. “I’m just here to take your
missus out to dinner and a movie like you asked.”

Winter Water Challenge 2014 – Olympic Style

Alex - Water Technician winner of the 2014 Water Challenge


This last Saturday we had a fun challenge as our Water Technicians from our six locations vied for the title of “Water Technician of the Year” for our franchise.

The winner of this event will be heading to Rochester to take on the best water technicians from other ServiceMaster’s in a 5 state area.

In the end the top 4 finishers were: Alex Jensen, Matt Anderson, Jake Steinhofer, and John Bernett. It then came down to a tie between Alex and Matt… a coin toss was won by Alex!


Congratulations to everyone and thanks for participating!

Book to Read

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In this powerful and practical guide, Valorie provides a woman with insight into who she really is and gives her the tools, knowledge, and understanding to succeed.

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