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ServiceMaster Professional Services Donates Meals for Orphaned Children in Nairobi, Kenya

ServiceMaster Professional Services is dedicated to serving homeowners and business owners in need in the Minnesota with our disaster restoration services.  We also understand that our responsibility to help those in need does not end with our clients.  There are many in the world who are much less fortunate than we are here in the U.S. and they need our help as well.  That is why SVMPS recently donated 5,600 meals to orphaned children rescued from the Kibera slum.


Helping to with food and education to orphaned children in Kiberia

The Kibera Slum is one of the largest slums in the world and it is located in Nairobi, the capital of the African nation of Kenya.  The Kibera Slum only covers one square mile, but there are anywhere between 170,000 and 1.5 million people living in this small area.  The living conditions in Kibera are desperate due to the poor economy of Kenya as well as the corrupt government.  Within Kibera, there are thousands of orphaned children that do not get the food, care, and education they need.

How SVMPS Gives Back

Jennifer, the daughter of our employee Fred McGuire, and her husband, Jeremiah, made their second trip to Kibera this past November.  The purpose of their trip was to learn more about the orphans and how they can help.  They worked with different groups, including Pastor George and his local church, to help provide the orphaned children with food and education.

When Jennifer and Jeremiah made their trip, we donated 5,600 meals to help feed the orphaned children in Kibera.  We were able to make this donation thanks to our clients who trust our professionals to handle their restoration needs after a disaster.  On behalf of ServiceMaster Professional Services, we would like to thank you for your business in 2018 which made it possible for us to contribute to this important cause.

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