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The Dangers of DIY Mold Removal

The Dangers of DIY Mold Removal

When mold is present on your property, it’s concerning. Not only does it have an unsightly appearance, but it can also cause structural damage to your home or building, eating away at the affected materials. Even worse, mold growth can cause health problems in those who are exposed. The longer the mold is present, the more damage it can cause you, your property, and anyone who inhabits the space. Knowing all of this, it’s important to act right away when you find that mold has grown in your home or business.

You may take it upon yourself to clean up the fungus through do-it-yourself techniques, but such home remedies should be met with caution. If you conduct mold cleanup yourself, you may think you’re saving time and money, but you won’t necessarily be fixing the problem. In fact, cleaning mold by using do-it-yourself methods can worsen the problem in various ways and put yourself at a much higher risk of associated health effects. The following explains the dangers that DIY mold removal presents.

Health Concerns and Lack of Protection

If a person becomes exposed to mold, then the fungus can cause them to experience health issues like coughing, nasal congestion, and skin irritation among other problems. If someone also has respiratory problems or allergies, then the health concerns that mold presents can be even greater.

If you choose to clean mold yourself, you’re willingly exposing yourself to it and the health issues it causes. You need to wear proper protective gear to protect yourself from mold’s ill effects, and you need to handle mold properly in order to prevent it from spreading and further contaminating the property. However, such protective gear cannot just be found anywhere, and even using a dust mask won’t provide sufficient protection from the mold.

Professionals from a mold remediation company are properly equipped with personal protective gear that guards themselves against the health problems mold causes. They also have the necessary training to safely handle mold and its cleanup, conducting work in a way that prevents it from spreading and causing more health problems.

Insufficient Mold Removal


Mould and damp staining painted wall surface around an internal home window.

Even if you’re able to remove mold from your property, you are likely just eliminating visible mold. To sufficiently remove mold, you need to work at it from its source and solve the causal issue. If you don’t address the source, then the problem will likely reemerge. However, finding the source of the mold isn’t always easy.

Mold thrives in moist environments, so looking for excess moisture can help you find the source. Some common causes for mold include appliance malfunctions and leaky pipes. But knowing common causes of mold doesn’t guarantee you will find the mold growth’s source. It can be easy to overlook certain areas, especially when you’re not trained on where to look for moisture issues. Professionals trained in mold removal know where to look and how to find the source of the mold. This helps them resolve the causal issue to ensure the mold problem is thoroughly addressed.

Ineffective Mold Cleaning

While any mold growth in your residential or commercial property is concerning, there are some types of mold that are more hazardous than others. Some of them can also be more difficult to clean. That said, there are cleaning methods that won’t work on some types of mold. If you do try do-it-yourself techniques, you may find them to be ineffective or create a worse problem.

To know how to effectively clean mold, you need to be able to identify the type of mold. However, everyday people without extensive mold knowledge won’t be able to do that. In order to determine the type of mold growing within your property, mold testing needs to be done by a professional mold inspection service.

Lack of Mold Removal Resources and Expertise

For mold to be thoroughly and safely removed from a property, you need to use specialized cleaning products and equipment, and you need to have the proper training and knowledge. If you decide to do DIY mold removal but don’t have the right equipment and products, or know what you’re doing, then there’s a good chance of worsening your mold growth problem. Because of the issues mold presents, that’s the last thing anyone would want. However, this won’t be the case if you seek help from professional mold remediation services. Even better, you won’t have to further expose yourself to mold, limiting your risk of health effects.

From air filtration devices to personal protective gear to proper training, technicians who provide professional mold remediation services can effectively and efficiently remove mold from your contaminated property.

At ServiceMaster Professional Services, we provide complete mold removal with our mold remediation services. Our technicians will be protected throughout the entire removal process to avoid the negative health effects associated with mold. We will locate and fix the moisture source causing the mold outbreak, clean or replace the affected area, and work to prevent further mold growth.

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