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Fall Home Maintenance Tips in Minnesota

Fall Home Maintenance Tips in Minnesota

With fall approaching quickly, it is time to start preparing for the fall season and the brisk, cooler temperatures it presents. You say goodbye to the tank tops and shorts and switch out your summer attire for sweaters and other warmer, cozier clothes that will protect you against the crisp weather of autumn. But not only do you need to prepare yourself and your family for the change in seasons; you must prepare your home for the fall season as well.

From your home’s exterior to its heating system, continue reading to learn more about the various fall home maintenance tips you should follow to prepare for the change in seasons.


With fall near, you’ll want to tend to your home’s landscape and yard in addition to its exterior. As the leaves fall off the trees, take the time to rake them up. If they aren’t picked up, then these leaves can act as slick tripping hazards or clog up sewage drains.

If you have any tall trees near your home, regularly check your roof for any leaves that have gathered up there to prevent them from clogging up the gutters.

Another thing to do is trim your trees and shrubs, particularly to remove dead branches. If you’re unsure of how to properly trim your trees and shrubs, then you can hire an arborist. Professional arborists can also help treat trees for disease prevention and check them for any diseases.

When it becomes too cold for you to water your lawn and garden yourself, you should disconnect the hose from the faucet and allow the water to be drained. The same goes for any lawn sprinkler system you may have. This will prevent the pipe from bursting when the temperature becomes too cold.

Home Exterior


With fall near, you’ll want to tend to your home’s landscape and yard in addition to its exterior.

Take the time to inspect your property’s exterior for any cracks, gaps, openings, and other types of damage. Pay special attention to your roof, because you want to make sure it will provide you with effective protection from outside elements. If you find any problems, then make any necessary repairs as soon as possible. For example, if your roof has damaged or missing shingles, then replace these before they can cause issues, such as a water leak.

Clean out your gutters as well. As aforementioned, leaves may gather on your roof and end up accumulating in your gutters. This will clog them up and prevent any water from properly draining away from your home. Instead, clogged gutters will cause any water to stay near your home, which may end up causing damage.

Home Heating System and Fireplace

After neglecting your home’s heating system during the hot summer, you’ll want to check it out before the cold really comes. Have a professional inspect your air ducts and HVAC system to clean it, check that your heat is working properly, and spot and address any problems. This ensures that any issues can be resolved before you really need the heat and that the air circulating throughout your home is clean.

If you have a fireplace in your home, you should have that checked as well. Similar to your home’s heating system, you want your fireplace to be inspected before you really need it. It is best to hire a professional to inspect the fireplace and properly clean the flue.

Windows and Doors

Check your windows and doors to make sure they aren’t damaged or allowing any air leaks. You should add weather-stripping to your home’s doors and window frames as well because this will help keep the warmth inside of your home, thus reducing energy costs. If you have drafty doors, you can add door drafts to keep the draft out and ensure that heat stays in your home.

Alarms and Detectors

Make sure your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and other safety devices are working properly and have fresh batteries. If you run into any problems, immediately install replacements and/or have the devices repaired.

Be mindful of when these devices were first installed as well. Smoke alarms should be replaced after ten years, and carbon monoxide alarms typically last somewhere between five and 10 years.

Professional Restoration Help

When you do your fall cleaning and home maintenance, you may come across issues that require assistance. If you find damaged roof shingles or a crack in your home’s foundation, then you may discover that your home has sustained water damage. In such a case, you need to seek professional water damage cleanup help right away, because the damage can worsen quickly and even lead to mold growth.

At ServiceMaster Professional Services, we can help you in such a situation through the water damage restoration services we provide. Within our water damage restoration services, we will inspect your home, evaluate the damage, remove the water, dry your affected areas, and sanitize your property.

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