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ServiceMaster Professional Services #4045

SVMPS Refferal Program!

ServiceMaster Professional Services jobs offer…

  • Opportunities to help others (helping people put their lives back together after a disaster)
  • Opportunities to learn real world skills
  • Working with a trusted brand
  • Providing quality services to be proud of
  • Working as part of a dynamic team
  • Supporting people in education, defense, business, etc
  • Competitive wages
  • Benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement (many owners started as employees)
  • Active work (get paid to exercise), meaningful training!
  • Steady (reliable) paychecks

ServiceMaster Janitorial jobs offer…

  • Good working conditions (professional office buildings)
  • Low stress work
  • Working indoors
  • Consistent schedules (avoid rotating shifts and guesswork)
  • Few, if any, weekends
  • Competitive wages
  • Benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement (many owners started as employees)
  • Meaningful training
  • Active work (get paid to exercise)
  • Steady (reliable) paychecks
  • Flexible schedules
  • Routine tasks that give your brain a rest


SVMPS Refferal Program!

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I work at ServiceMaster and I want to pass along that we’re hiring. So if you’re looking for work that has value, good compensation, and an opportunity to be part of a great team, check us out! Visit or contact us at // (800) 245-4622 and please tell them I sent you!


ServiceMaster is hiring! email at and say I sent you!

There are job openings at ServiceMaster right now! Working with ServiceMaster has been great for me.

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